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Engagigo s.r.l.

ENGAGIGO is a StartUp company, founded in 2016 by SDAM and JuniperXS to develop ENDU, an engagement and service platform for the sports market.

ENDU’s mission is to be the benchmark for fans of endurance sports by creating products and services that break new technological and information ground and are able to improve each athlete’s experience before, during and after a competition.

Hundreds of thousands of athletes already joined our community and signed up for many of the competitions included in our database.


MYLAPS - Sports Timing Technology

MYLAPS is the world leading company in timing hardware technology. Most of the biggest events worldwide (both active and motor sports) rely on MYLAPS.



The DataHealth® service collects, validates and stores documents certifying that individuals participating in sporting competitions or events have the required physical fitness certificate

The DataHealth® service allows organisers of sporting competitions or events to verify that anyone applying for registration and who are registered with the service have the required physical fitness certificate.

Thanks to DataHealth® you can benefit from a fast track in signing up to sport events, as you are exempt from physically bringing your medical certificate with you on the day of the event. With a single upload you can also use your certificate for any event covered by the life of the certificate itself, without having to repeat the same process every time.

Scuola di Formazione SDAM

Scuola di Formazione e Ricerca MySDAM

The Organization and success of sport Events are more and more connected to informatic and digital tools, which require specific competences.

The aim of the “Scuola di formazione SDAM” is to train professional operators who are willing to accept this challenge and work in the market of sport Events.


F.I.D.A.L. – Athletics National Sport Federation

F.C.I. – Italian Cycling Federation

F.I.Tri – Italian Triathlon Federation

F.I.S.I. – Italian Winter Sports Federation

UCI – International Cycling Federation

IAAF – International Athletics Federation

U.E.C. – European Cycling Federation

ITU – International Triathlon Federation

F.I.S. – International Winter Sports Federation

ETU – European Triathlon Federation